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De-Risk Your Risk Management with SERT's Four-Week Fixed Price Risk Assessment


🎯 Ask Yourself:

  • Are you fully meeting your compliance obligations toward staff, legislators, and shareholders?
  • Do you have the in-house expertise to conduct a robust risk assessment?
  • Is your team large enough to complete a competent risk assessment within the required timeframe?

If you're struggling with these questions, it's time to consider a comprehensive solution.


🔒 Why Choose SERT's Risk Assessment Service?

  • Transparent Pricing: Invest in our expert services without any hidden costs or unpleasant surprises.
  • World-Class Expertise: Our team of multidisciplinary Risk Management specialists collaborate to deliver a risk assessment that sets the industry standard.
  • Elevate Your Brand: By partnering with SERT, you don't just get a service—you get a reputation. Stand out as a leader in risk management in a highly competitive market.


📋 The Process

  • We use the SRMBOK 30 Day Risk Assessment Process which you can find at this link.


📅 Four-Week Fixed Price Risk Assessment

  • Our process involves virtual facilitated workshops, minimizing the time commitment required from your staff.
  • From initial consultation to final delivery, we promise a completed risk assessment within 28 days.


The Process

  • WEEK ONE: Kick off your risk assessment journey with a targeted 60-minute meeting. We align on scope, context, deliverables, and risk criteria. As you focus on your core business, our experts begin by reviewing your existing risk documentation and drafting your risk assessment.
  • WEEK TWO: We facilitate a 2-hour online workshop with your stakeholders, identifying critical assets and sources of risk and evaluating existing controls. After the workshop, you'll receive a preliminary risk assessment report for your review.
  • WEEK THREE: Your feedback matters. We integrate it into the initial draft and hold a second 2-hour workshop to establish risk priorities and treatment plans.
  • WEEK FOUR: You'll receive the final draft risk assessment and treatment plan for review. Our experts then finalize these documents and hand them over to you in a comprehensive briefing.


📑 Deliverables

  • Comprehensive Risk Assessment Report: A detailed MS Word document that offers a 360-degree view of your organizational risk profile.

  • Actionable Risk Treatment Plan: A pragmatic MS Excel-based strategy to tackle the identified risks effectively.


💼 Your Responsibilities

All we need from you is to bring your stakeholders to the workshops in weeks 2 and 3 and provide any feedback. We handle the rest.


📍 Optional On-Site Assessment: We can also conduct the risk workshops as part of an on-site risk assessment at your discretion and additional expense for travel costs.


📈 The Result?

Focus on your core business while we solidify your risk management framework. With SERT, you elevate your service portfolio, boost your brand reputation, and generate high-quality leads.


📞 Take the First Step

Start your journey towards secure, sustainable success. Sign up today to set your organization on the path of robust, proactive risk management.


The Not-So-Fine Print (Because We Like Transparency)

We're magicians with risk assessments, but we haven't yet mastered time travel or teleportation. This 28-day promise hinges on virtual meet-ups via Zoom or Teams. The offering includes two revision cycles neatly sandwiched between our weeks 2 and 3 workshops. We don't know your business like you do, so to meet this compressed timeframe, we rely on input from your team. It will be up to you to rally the troops—er, stakeholders—to these vital gatherings. If assembling the A-Team proves tricky, we will be flexible. But remember, we can bend time, not break it—so extra days will, naturally, extend the timeline. Do you need us for on-site inspections, additional review cycles, complex enterprise risk assessments, or quantitative analysis? We're up for it; reach out for a personalized quote to cover the additional scope.

30 Day Risk Assessment