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The Four-Week Fixed Price Risk Assessment: A New Paradigm in Risk Management


Problems are challenges to overcome, not obstacles to fear. With over 400 collective years of experience in risk management across diverse industries, we've seen our fair share of challenges. Two issues consistently crop up: lack of expertise (aka insufficient investment in training) and lack of time (aka insufficient staff).

While we've addressed the expertise gap through books, articles, and training, the time factor has always been a complex nut to crack. That's why we decided to introduce a solution that aims to reduce the time and complexity of risk assessments: The Four-Week Fixed Price Risk Assessment.

The Issue at Hand

The traditional approach to outsourcing risk assessments is fraught with complications. The administrative and procurement intricacies alone can exponentially inflate the time and cost. Tenders, contracts, and invoices may not explicitly spell out these hidden costs, but rest assured, they are embedded in the final price.

The Genesis of an Idea

After years of grappling with these inefficiencies, we decided it was time for a change. No one enjoys drafting 20 or 100-page proposals, and in a world that moves at breakneck speed, who has the time to read them? With the insights and encouragement of clients and colleagues, we decided to productize the system we have honed for client risk assessments.

Refining our approach, we devised a system that facilitates the procurement and administrative processes. The Four-Week Risk Assessment is low-risk, transparent, and practical, with a credit card as the starting point and a risk treatment plan as the endpoint.

The Four-Week Fixed Price Risk Assessment

The name might be a mouthful, and we are open to catchier suggestions, but it delivers what it promises—a streamlined, efficient risk assessment process. While we've yet to have a client complete the process in precisely four weeks, the framework is designed for that level of efficiency.

Let's be honest; we're all swamped, and convening stakeholder meetings is no small feat. However, if you can rally your team and provide timely feedback, you might be the first to break the 28-day barrier!

The Process

We utilize modern communication platforms like Zoom or Teams for virtual meetings and leverage SECTARA in the background to expedite the process. A cutting-edge risk assessment platform can make a two-hour workshop incredibly productive. If your needs extend to safety or security reviews, on-site visits can also be arranged, although that introduces a different set of variables.

Capacity and Availability

The SERT brand has been around for a quarter of a century and keeps us busy writing, speaking, and consulting, so our bandwidth for new clients is limited. We can only take on one or two new clients per month. If the Four-Week Fixed Price Risk Assessment sounds like the right fit for your organization, there's no time to waste.


Efficient, transparent, and designed to respect your time and expertise, this productized solution is built on years of experience and aims to revolutionize the risk assessment landscape.

Have you had a risk assessment project on your to-do list for far too long? Then let's get started—you have four weeks to complete a risk assessment and zero weeks to waste!

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